As Gasmet’s hungarian distributor, we would like to introduce the DX4040 portable container analyser.

Research has shown that around 20% of shipping containers contain dangerous levels of toxic gases and represent a major threat to port and transport workers, customs officials, warehousemen, store employees and consumers. There are two potential sources of hazardous chemicals inside cargo containers: Fumigants and Chemicals that arise from the goods or packing materials. Fumigants are applied to goods to control pests, mold and micro-organisms in containers with foodstuffs, leather goods, handicrafts, textiles, timber or cane furniture, luxury vehicles, timber cases or timber pallets. The hazardous chemical can be for example: Formaldehyde, Phosphine, Carbon Monoxide or Dioxide, Ammonia, VOC, BTEX, etc.

A wide variety of test instruments are used for testing containers and it is vitally important that any limitations in the monitoring technique are understood. For example, if a container is tested for just one gas, there may be risks from other chemicals. As a result, there is a growing move to monitoring technologies that are able to measure large numbers of gases simultaneously; the most popular of which is FTIR.

The Finnish manufacturer of FTIR gas analyzers, Gasmet, has supplied portable FTIR analyzers to ports around the world for a number of years, with the name DX4040. Different tubes are available for many gases and results can be obtained between 5 seconds and 15 minutes depending on the test. The tubes are long, and thin, they can easily get in to the container. The DX4040 is able to measure the 50 compounds, even simultaneously, and has an ability to cope with complex gas matrix and interfering compounds. The measurement is easy and fast, there is no need for sample preparation, and after the measurement hazardous waste is not generated.

A further major advantage of the DX4040 is the minimal amount of calibration and maintenance that is necessary. A new instrument can be delivered pre-configured and factory calibrated and then the only calibration required is a quick zero-check with nitrogen once per day. As a result, it is not necessary to transport a large number of expensive, bulky calibration bottles or target gases.

In summary, Gasmet’s portable FTIR gas analyzers substantially reduce the amount of equipment required to test a container, but more importantly, the technology enables the simultaneous analysis of a large number of target compounds, which improves the effectiveness and speed of the assessment, and thereby reduces risk to staff.

For more informations about the device please click here, and you can find a video here.