Considering, that our company works with mechanical, electrical and chemist engineering, and we work on this area. We have experience in the following area in the last 11 years.

  • Process Control, solution of measurment, field and laboratory instrument
  • Flow technology
  • Production – because we have own workshop and we have very good and competent contractors over years ago.
  • Analytics of system integration

Every anaylitics application are specific and needs level of system .

Our company can help you.


Planning of analytic system, Process gas cromatograph

  • Delivery of gas chromatograph for natural gas solutions.
  • Installation and production of refinery applications.
  • Delivery of process gas apllications, Emission and imission systems.
  • Building of production and repair capacity.
  • Activity of system integrations.

We have more than 150 complete system with planning, installation, maintenance.

To our partner we can give the followings service:

  • Systemintegration of analytics
  • Analytics know-how (chemist, mechanical, electrical)
  • Field, local assessment and consultation
  • Wide supplier contacts in sampling, fittings, flow – pressure control, cabinets…etc.
  • Installation on demand.

+ planning,

+ system assembly in our workshop,

+ local installation,

+ complete installation,

+ trainings.

The maintenance and calibrate of analytic systems are lots of time is our works.

For this reference you will find in the reference menu.