Process gas analytics


As a Hungarian representative of different gas analytical product manufacturers, we have already completed more than 200 complex systems, including engineering, procurement, workshop fabrication, installation, and maintenance services.

Our broad references are containing a wide range of complexity, from simpler gas detector systems to the complex solutions installed in an analyser container, using multiple measuring devices and principles, sample handling and conditioning, calibrating systems, etc. Beyond the standard O2, CO, CO2, H2O measurements, we can provide solutions for measuring unique components, or provide complete spectrography for comprehensive analysis.

We provide the following gas analytical services for our partners:

Gas analytical system integration:

  • engineering
  • system integration, testing in our workshop
  • site assembly
  • installation services
  • trainings

Gas analytical know-how (chemical-, mechanical- and electrical engineering team)
Site survey, consultation
Extensive supplier network (samplers, filters, valves, pressure regulators, flow meters, fittings, cabinets, heating, ventilation systems, special items, etc.)
Turnkey solutions according to client need

In most cases, we cover the long-term maintenance services and periodic calibrations of our systems as well.


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